Stitch Fix #6

It's been a while since I was able to justify getting a Fix due to Chri.stmas bills and Baby Z's hospital bills. I got a couple of referral credits (yay!) over the past few months, and I decided I could get a box, so I ordered one up!

I changed up my profile a little bit, sadly needing to update my measurements. (I'm working on that post) I also redid my pinterest board and pinned things from the SF pinterest boards that I like as well as some other random picks from fashion boards.

I got the same stylist, Dani again even though I didn't specifically ask for her. I was curious to see if she would be assigned to me, or if I'd end up with a different stylist. Happily, it was her!

With no further ado, the contents of my Fix:

Bancroft Yara Stone Layering Necklace - $34

I like this, but I say that I don't want any accessories in my fix. I think the reason why I got this is that I changed the price level on accessories from blank to "the cheaper the better", so that must have triggered something in the algorithm to suggest a necklace. Anyway, it's really pretty and even though I wouldn't spend that much money on costume jewelry (always trolling clearance and thrift stores for necklaces and scarves), I thought I could keep it if I liked the rest of the box.

Skies are Blue Arca Henley Blouse - $58

Love this top! It's tunic length on me and really comfortable. I had asked for something like a tunic that I can wear with leggings and this fit the bill. The color is closest to the hanging pictures I took, kind of a purple-y blue. The picture I took of myself wearing it didn't really turn out that well. I don't think it looks like a sack when I'm wearing it IRL because the fabric flows so easily.

41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse - $58

Perfect neutral blouse for work. Love this. I paired it with the Tart blazer from my last Fix, and the necklace from this Fix to see how it looked in an outfit. Sold!

Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top - $48

I've seen this in a couple of other people's SF reviews and really liked it. I didn't specifically ask for it, but man am I glad Dani chose it for me! It's super soft and comfy and I can see wearing it often.

Liverpool Reagan Skinny Pant - $88


This is a closeup of the pants I'm wearing in all of my pictures. They're dark gray but this picture is lighter because I used a flash to show the pattern. The pants are really comfortable, except that they were a little snug. I was going to put up with the snugness, after all, I plan on losing the extra weight I'm carrying. BUT, one of the most important fashion rules I learned by watching What Not to Wear (back in the day) is that you buy clothes that fit now, not in the future. So, I e-mailed SF on Saturday to ask about exchanging the pants for the next size up. By the end of the day, they had located the larger size and given me instructions for the exchange. That's some pretty sweet customer service!

The Verdict:

The entire box = KEPT! There really wasn't anything in the box that I put on and thought, nah....I don't like this. Plus, between the referral credits and the gift card I got as incentive to fill out a health survey through my health insurance, I get a pretty sizeable discount on top of the 25% for buying the whole shebang.

Interested in checking out Stitch Fix?  Here's my bullet list of suggestions for getting a good Fix. And here's my referral link (yes, I get $25 credit when you order your first fix)

  • Completely fill out the style profile
  • Take your measurements (no cheating!) and put them in your style profile in the box they provide for comments
  • In the comment box on the style profile also include why you can't wear certain fabrics, or don't want certain colors. For example, I've received a couple of wool blends that had very little wool, but even 5% wool makes me itch. So, this past time I wrote that I could not wear any amount of wool, and no wool showed up
  • Make a pinterest board as SF suggests and update it everytime you schedule a fix
  • Post pics of your fix on FB - it's gotten me a couple referrals!
  • When you check out, be specific about why you do or don't like an item
  • Don't give up if the first few fixes aren't awesome. It takes a while to get it dialed in