#MicroblogMondays - Fashion

WHEEEEEE! The Broncos are the World Champions!!!! (of the United States)

And onto the subject at hand: I like fashion, and I like to be trendy (to a point, after all I don't have an unlimited clothes budget). I've always liked to look put together, and as soon as I could wear makeup and accessorize, I went for it. (Much to the chagrin of my parents who call people who follow trends sheep. Whatevs). I've slowly embraced the fact that I like fashion, and instead of feeling shame every time I go shopping, I feel happy-ish. The shame is still there, especially when I feel like I can't spend the money, but it rears it's head less often now.

I think that's why I like Stitch Fix so much. It's instant gratification on my doorstep instead of spending hours browsing stores and stressing out over what I can buy and what I can't buy. And when I can try on clothes one day, then put together a super cute outfit like this the next:

Well, that makes me feel AWESOME.


p.s. Like that crappy tile? That's what was under our carpeting that we had to pull up when our basement flooded last summer. The things you find in an old house...

pps. How about those 2-lb weights? Santa brought those for X because X kept trying to do the Body Beast workout with me. Funny, he got his own weights and now he could care less about the workouts. ha.