I Don't Know What To Write

I could continue the saga that is my family life, but I'd wager you're all sick of it. Long and short of it, my parents are out of the country and while I was told that they were going on vacation, they didn't tell me where. I think one of my brothers is with them too. I found. out in a group text my mom sent complaining about their seats on the airplane. I could go all into the details and analyze all the reasons why she probably didn't tell me, but I'd rather not bore you. 

I'm working a lot and the busy travel season has begun. Thought I would have time to write on this trip, and while that's true, I don't have time like I thought. Plus, I don't have ideas. 

I suppose I need to start using this space like I did before and keep lots of my real thoughts off FB. I'm sure I alienated people with my recent rant about race as it pertains to my kid. When that post went up, S wondered what kind of day I was having. It was a PMS day, and in my world, even on meds PMS is no fucking joke. I get so irritable and its hard to control and I tend to inflate things. Lately, I feel that edginess coming on even earlier than it used to. Freaking hormones. 

So, that's it. You get a post about nothing....