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0.5 #NaBloPoMo Day 4 - Have You Ever Cried...

when a business shutters it's doors unexpectedly? 

I've been using a grocery delivery service for about 10 years. I've been part of their growing from simple produce boxes to being able to do about 90% of my grocery shopping from my computer. It's all organic produce, mostly organic groceries and lots of local picks. While I've had issues from time to time, their customer service has been top notch, always crediting my account with no questions asked if I reported missing or bad items. In fact, one time, they left my box in a part of my yard where I didn't see it for a week. I reported the box lost and they had no problem crediting the full amount of the box. Their customer service is one of the reasons why I kept on going with them even with the rise of boxed meals (although I've been mixing it up a bit there) and big grocery chains getting into the delivery business. I wanted them to succeed, they started it all. When I signed up for their service way back in the day NO ONE was doing grocery delivery. It was a whole new world. Now everyone is doing grocery delivery. And it appears they've fallen victim to the competition.

When I received this e-mail, I have to admit...I shed a tear.

It is with a heavy heart that we reach out to you today to share that effective Friday, November 17th, Door to Door Organics will cease operations. We started as a produce box delivery company operating out of a garage in Bucks County, PA and grew to be so much more. Over the years we’ve made nearly 3 million deliveries of organic produce and natural groceries, putting more Good Food into the hands of our customers than we ever dreamed possible all while supporting local farmers and vendors, and striving to have a positive impact on our communities. 

We are so proud of what we accomplished - for one, 2017 marked our 20th anniversary. As pioneers in the ever evolving online food landscape, we’re honored to have played a role in changing what it means to shop for groceries. In 2012, we became the first grocer in Colorado to become a certified B-Corp by meeting rigorous standards of social, environmental, and corporate responsibility. Since the beginning, supporting local community partners has been a part of the fabric of our company. This year we were on pace to donate more than 600,000 pounds of organic and natural food to food banks in our communities.

Our 2016 merger with Relay Foods brought two talented teams together to deliver on our shared mission of empowering families to put healthy food on the table by making every step—from meal planning to preparation—simple, accessible and fun. 

The strides we’ve made towards delivering on that promise and bringing you our best as a natural foods grocer are a testament to the passionate and dedicated support from both customers like you and our employees.  What we achieved together was nothing short of remarkable. While our employees are the heros of this mission-driven journey, we especially want to give a big thank you to you, our customers, for supporting us.  

Listening to our customers and embracing the principle of doing best by our customers is a core value of the Door to Door Organics brand.  We heard from you how difficult it is putting healthy food on the table and took your feedback to heart as we embarked on features such as our meal planning and shop-by-recipe functionality. It gave us great satisfaction to see how that had begun to transform how some of you went about your food life.

In the end it’s hard to point to one thing that led us to this conclusion. Ultimately timing of recent events in our industry and the impact that had on our funding prospects were not in our favor with ultimate result being no path forward. 

We are also very mindful of the timing of this announcement.  We know many of you had counted on next week’s deliveries for your Thanksgiving meal.  We sincerely apologize that we are unable to meet your family’s needs on this occasion.  So, as we shutter our doors we say thanks and wish you and yours Good Food shared with family and friends.

Your Friends at Door to Door Organics



p.s. Yeah, I missed yesterday. It was nuts.


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