A Vacation

We went on vacation without the kids. This is the first time we've been away from them for more than 2 nights, and the first real vacation we've had since before X was born. "Real" vacation in my mind includes the beach and no family obligations, you know?

Being away from the kids was pretty easy because I'm lucky to have in-laws who really like taking care of them. S's parents took them for the whole week, and we talked to them everyday making it easy to check in and assess the situation. No complaints were had on either side, except for the inevitable end of the week comment when MIL labeled them high energy, a euphemism for exhausting. (oh, don't I know it)

Now my parents on the other hand? When I asked my mom if they'd like to have them the second half of the week, she said yes. S talked to his mom about it, and then we left it up to the two grandmothers to work out the logistics. Then, we find out on Wednesday that when pressed to set up a time to take the kids my mom told S's parents that she had just gotten back from vacation herself visiting her sisters, was busy and she "understands how precious this time is for them". S's dad was taken aback enough to tell S he wasn't sure what that meant, and S took the opportunity to point out that this is the exact reason why we struggle with the relationship with my parents. S's parents are the opposite of confrontational so they just dropped it and kept the kids for another 4 nights. I don't know why the hell my mom would say something like that and I don't feel like confronting it. I haven't figured out how to ask the right questions to get a real answer, I often wonder if I will get the real answer, and in my head the real answer is that she didn't want to watch them but won't say it. 

Meanwhile, our house has not sold, and I'm losing sleep over the decisions we've made over the past 2 months. We've dropped the price significantly on our house, and it looks like that generated more interest, so we'll see what the next week brings. We close on the new house in 2 weeks and not having this one under contract scares the bejeezus out of me.

So much for vacation...now I have insomnia.

I'll leave you with pretty pictures