What Do A Hibiscus IPA and a Hoppy Pale Ale Have In Common?

The fact that I'm in Portland, happily sharing my finds in a city with a person I like. I'm traveling with a colleague that I get along with really well and is like a brother to me. I love that we share the beer and wine drinking interest so I can be super excited about beers I like showing up on a menu and he'll get equally excited. It's fun to travel with a like-minded colleague and friend, someone I can be open and raw with when it comes to work shit. I have his back and he has mine, and that's something I haven't experienced in my career until now. While there's still a boundary I push against on his side, I've opened up on my side. I wonder what's happening in his world sometimes, but if he isn't going to share, then why keep pushing?

It's part of my work to be more vulnerable. Something I'm trying to practice at work more and more. It's always easier to practice it with people I regard as friends, and I keep pushing forward when it comes to my bosses. Baby steps ensure that I am continually working this practice as much as I pull back against it.