Events over the past few weeks have led me to search back in time on my blog and there is a  familiar theme, like (here, here and here)

I can’t keep putting myself through this.

It’s been 3 years, give or take since I first identified that I suffered narcissistic abuse in my childhood that has stunted and depressed me from adolescence into adulthood. The 4th of July week was rather awful. I hung out around 3.5-6 on my emotional rating scale, intermittent crying and grieving were the norm for several days. I was numb and disconnected from my family, struggling to have some fun while simultaneously comforting my anxious 7 year old during fireworks. I still felt disconnected by the weekend, and the sadness gave way to anger. I realized I needed to reach out for support as I was spinning in my head, not getting anywhere and feeling hopeless. Sunday night I sent an e-mail that took so damn long to write, it was ridiculous. I felt raw and scared despite knowing the type of response I would get, and I broke down again. Stretch Guy called me at lunch Monday and while the conversation wasn’t necessarily different than the last one, diving into the sadness and anger, and the nudging for me to realize what I need, after I hung up I felt a little lighter.

Today, I’m shockingly feeling calm and centered, (8/10) a state of being that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt, at least not in this way. After describing it to Stretch Guy, he pointed out that I’m integrating. The lows will come again and I’ll have to ride them out, but this is progress.

I so desperately want to progress and not circle back around again. To do that, I need to remove roadblocks and respect what I need vs. what I think I should do. I’ve been here before, more than once, and both options don't feel good. When I asked S, his response was that it was going to be difficult either way, but he has been here before with me witnessing the effect they have on me, how they treat me and the fact that it’s gotten worse lately. I’ve been hanging onto the idea that I need to learn to accept them for what they are out of obligation to “family” and for my kids’ relationship with them.

Fuck it.

I’m done communicating with my parents.