Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

A Tattoo Story

I’m 44 years old and this is my first tattoo. I feel like a cliche, spiritual awakening = tattoo is a little on the nose, but whatever. 

Back in the day, when I first met S, I had bobby pins shaped like dragonflies that I wore in my hair a lot. Several years ago, he gave me a charm bracelet with a dragonfly because he said it reminded him of me. This past Christmas he gave me earrings in the shape of dragonflies again saying they remind him of me. 

One day soon after I went through the PSI basic seminar I announced to S “I want a tattoo and I know what I want.” He looked at me with surprise and then helped me look up pictures while I started forming an idea. At my next hair appointment I asked my hairdresser where I should go. She pointed me to a studio, I went on their website, found an artist whose work I really liked and contacted them. When I contacted the studio, I didn’t tell the manager who I wanted to work with. I described what I wanted and attached some of the pictures. She suggested the same artist I had been drawn to in the first place. Guess that was meant to be. ;) At the  consultation, I showed up with my half formed idea of placement and what I liked or didn’t like about the pictures, then I left it in her hands to design. I made my appointment for several weeks out and sat back to wait. 

I couldn’t wait. After about a week and a half, I emailed the artist and lucked out by getting in a few days later. 

Meanwhile, you know SG has to make an appearance here, right? Before I went in for the work, I had a stretch appointment. He asked me if I knew what spirit animals are. Eh, kind of know, but not really. Then he proceeds to point out he’s noticed I wear dragonfly jewelry. I’m sitting there thinking you’ve got to be kidding me. I had already looked up the meaning (i wasn’t about to permanently ink something that had a negative connotation), but I tried to let him go on until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and 30 seconds later... “Is that why I’m getting a tattoo of one?”

Dragonflies signify transformation.

It fits.

…naturally SG is the one who pointed out there are 7 circles, possibly signifying 7 chakras,  and the largest one is around intuition. He pointed that out with a caveat of well, it could be that, you never know… That was not any part of the discussion with the artist. When I showed her a geometric design, I just pointed out that I like the geometry but that design was pretty static and I wanted to see movement. When I looked at her sketch, I thought it was cool she had incorporated the geometric feel. I did not count the circles. Why I didn’t run to the mirror in SG’s office and count the number of circles just then, I don’t know, but later that night, I looked in the mirror at home and thought, what the hell, there’s 6 circles and a dot.  I shouted that out to S. S’s response? “A dot is a small circle”. Good grief. Apparently, whether she knows it or not, the tattoo artist I chose is a bit intuitive.  And a few weeks later, S looked at it in this picture and said that it reminds him of how dragonflies hover over water, their beating wings disturbing the surface and creating rings.

I feel like the guy in Sideways, totally oblivious to whatever art is being presented to me, even the one I permanently inked on my body. Yep, I love it. I need other people to prompt me to consider symbolism and meaning.


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