Immediate Family

  • Me (aka Geochick) - 40-something, (what!?) civil engineer, wife, adoptive mom, introvert/extrovert, ranty, former ballerina, former Jazzercise instructor, lifts heavy’ish things, yoga student, skier, road cyclist

  • S - 40-something mechanical engineer, patient husband, adoptive dad, introvert, mountain biker,  skier, lifts heavy things, sometimes road cyclist

  • X - Eldest son, analytical, athletic, extrovert, Asian Indian and Mexican

  • C - X's first mother, Asian Indian, open adoption

  • Baby Z - Younger son, bubbly, mover, risk-taker, extrovert, White

  • J and J - Baby Z's first parents, semi-open letters-only adoption

Extended Family

  • Bio-Dad - Divorced from Mom when I was 4. Never really knew him.

  • Uncle B - Bio-Dad’s brother who called me at work one day, 40 years after mom and bio-dad divorced.

  • Uncle J - Bio-Dad’s brother. Was unsure about contacting me and L after his wife found my information online.


  • Therapist #1 - Catalyst for me starting to realize I need to address messed up family dynamics in my family. Moved out of country after 2 years seeing her.  2012-2014

  • Therapist #2 (Dr. D) - 2 years with her was rough and too clinical, but helped me realize the type of care I need. 2015-2017

  • Therapist #3 - EMDR and trauma specialist. LOVE her. 2017-

  • SG - The person I will forever be grateful to for recognizing how trauma was affecting my body. Mentor as I move through healing. 2017-

  • Dr. M - Network Chiropractor. Helping my body release tension. 2018-