Another Version   - Danielle is a birthmother who blogs about everything from her adoption story, her family, and feminism.

Lost Daughters  - A consortium of adoptees sharing their thoughts on adoption. An awesome one-stop for varying stories from domestic private, foster, international and transracial adoptions. 

Adoption and Birthmothers (aka Musings of the Lame) -  I will point anyone thinking about adoption to this site for an education on what adoption really is vs. what the agencies tell us.

The adopted ones blog  - Two adoptees from the baby scoop era started a blog. 

Harlow's Monkey  - JaeRan Kim, a Korean adoptee, and Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Washington blogs about her experience at this site, and also has a professional site

Stirrup Queens  - Melissa's awesome blog and a place for infertility, adoption and loss connections. She wrote a book series!

Lavender Luz  - Lori's awesome blog about adoption. She also wrote a book!

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